Asset, Content, and Design Specifications


Before you create a Wrap, it helps to get all your content in order. Refer to the specifications below, and share them with your internal design team for guidance.


Card Specifications

The standard Card in a Wrap is 640x910.


Image specifications

Use high-resolution images (for retina support). The minimum resolution should be 1800x2000 @ 72 dpi.


Video Specifications

Prepare your video assets in the form of YouTube links. Make sure that your video sharing settings on Youtube are set so that the target audience of your Wrap can watch them.


Font Specifications

Know which fonts you will be using and use the following size guidlelines:

  • Headlines: 32 pt
  • Body: 24 - 27 pt
  • CTA: 26 - 28 pt


Other Content Recommendations

Make sure you have an understanding of the following before designing your Wrap:

  • Know your Brand Guidelines
  • Prepare the logs you are going to use
  • Make sure all documents you will be embedding into a Wrap are PDFs
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