Save and Publish a Wrap with Linked Cards


Linking a card for use in multiple Wraps is a powerful thing since it brings efficiency and centralized management and updates of content across multiple Wrap campaigns. Publishing a Wrap that contains Linked Cards is a little bit different than publishing a Wrap that does not contain Linked Cards, since the former affects multiple Wraps. You must decide what actions to take across each Wrap that the Linked Card is used in. 



1. Let's say you have 4 different Wraps that contain the same Linked Cards. All Wraps are published.

2. The Wrap below is one of these Wraps, and it contains the Linked Cards, indicated by the blue link icon. This means that these cards are used in multiple Wraps. The selected Card, Card 3, is used in exactly 4 Wraps, as indicated by the message in the blue box.


3. When you edit a Linked Card while working on a Wrap, and then publish that Wrap, the Linked Card will be published to the Wrap you are working in. However since a Linked Card can also be present in other Wraps, you need to choose whether you want to publish the edits to the Card in the other Wraps as well, or save those Wraps with unpublished Changes. 



4. Let's say that you want to publish the edits to the Card only in two of the Wraps that contain the card, but leave the original card in the third Wrap. In this case you would select "Publish Card in Published Wrap" for the first two Wraps, and "Save Card as Unpublished Changes" in the third Wrap. 

5. When you choose to "Save Card as Unpublished Changes" for a Wrap, that Wrap will contain unpublished changes, which do not affect the published Wrap in any way. The status of the Wrap will show this in your "WRAPS" tab, and you can rest assured that viewers will not see any of those unpublished changes until you choose to publish them. 

In this scenario, the Linked Card was present in 4 Wraps. We edited the card while editing one of those Wraps, and choose to publish the edits to two other Wraps that contain the Linked Card. Accordingly, we see three Wraps that have a "PUBLISHED" status.  Since we chose to save the edits as unpublished changes for one of the Wraps, we see one Wrap with the status "UNPUBLISHED CHANGES".





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