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Linking a card for use in multiple Wraps is a powerful thing since it brings efficiency, and centralized management and updates of content across multiple Wrap campaigns. Deleting a Linked Card is a different action than deleting a standard card however, since the former affects multiple Wraps. You must decide what actions to take across each Wrap that the Linked Card is used in. 



The Card below is a Linked Card which is used in three Wraps.

Let's see what is involved in two different operations: deleting the card from a single Wrap, and deleting the card from multiple Wraps.


Deleting a Card from a single Wrap

To delete this linked card from a single Wrap first we must edit the Wrap. Let's open the Wrap titled "Work History". Notice that the last card in the Wrap is the "About the Author" linked card:


To delete this card from the Wrap, right click on the Linked Card and note that there are two relevant options: "Unlink", and "Delete". Choose "Unlink" if you'd like to keep the Card in your Wrap but no longer have it centrally managed. From this point forward any changes you make to that card would only affect this specific "Work History" Wrap. 

Our goal here is to "Delete" the card however. Let's click on the "Delete" option (from the right click menu or from the red X on the card thumbnail.) Select "Delete" and you'll get the following confirmation:

Select "Yes" to delete the card permanently from this Wrap. This will remove the card from this Wrap but it will remain in your Card Collection, but with only two Wrap-links as we'll see in a moment. 

Save and navigate to your Card Collection. Now re-open the Work History Card from the Card Collection and notice that there are only two Wraps that it is linked into. 

This is how you can delete a Linked Card from a single Wrap.


Deleting the Card from Multiple Wraps

Next let's delete this linked card from both Wraps that its currently linked to. Start in the relevant collection in the Cards Tab. Select the red Delete button from this Card's Detail view. Now you need to think about each Wrap that the Linked Card is used in, and what action you want to take for each Wrap.

The default select is to "Delete Card in Published Wrap".  Any Wrap for which you have this option selected will automatically be republished withOUT the linked card. You will essentially be pushing through a Publish action for only that card in the Published Wrap. The Wrap will remain published but without the deleted card. 

Alternatively if you'd like to delete the card from the Wrap but not change the published version, select the "Delete as Unpublished Changes" option. This will convert the Wrap into a Draft state, remove the card, but NOT republish it. Any end users that you have distributed this Wrap to will still see the version with the card in it, until you republish the Wrap. 



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