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Linked Cards enable centralized management of content. If you have a piece of content - a card - that contains information that changes over time, and you'd like to include that card in multiple Wraps, a Linked Card is the way to go. An example would be a product card that is used in a company overview Wrap, seasonal product Wrap, and special offers Wrap. Create one card and link it to all three Wraps. From there you can make changes to the card in one place, and propagate those changes out to all three Wraps. This is true whether you've linked your card into one Wrap or many. 


Working With Linked Cards

The easiest way to demonstrate Linked Cards is to simply go through a basic flow of linking a card into a Wrap and then removing the link or deleting the card. We'll step through the process now by linking a bike accessory (basket) card into a Wrap about bikes.

Here is the Card I want to link into my Wrap:


The starting point for this operation is in the Wrap that I want to add this card to. Navigate to the Wraps tab, open the target Wrap, and see all the current cards in the card assembly area near the top of the screen:


Next, select the Add Card button and navigate to the Card Collection that contains the card that you'd like to link. In this example I have selected the Bike Accessories collection. 


Select the Card that you want to link into your Wrap, then click the Link button. Your card is now linked into your Wrap and has an icon to designate this fact (the blue 'chain' icon below)


That is how you add a linked card to a Wrap in the case where the card already existed in your Card Collection.  You can also use an existing card from a Wrap (or create one) and add it to your card collection directly. To do this simply right click on any card and see the list of actions. Among the previously existing functions you'll notice two new options:  Save to Collection and Link, as well as Save to Collection and Unlink. These operate just as described. If you'd like to use the currently selected card in other Wraps and have only one version of it, select the Link option.  If you want to use the card in other Wraps but create a separate version of the card, select the Unlink option. Both options will add the currently selected card to your Card Collection. In either case, the next step will be to select the Card Collection you want to store the card in:


Finally, when you go back to view the card in your card collection you will see the link icon on the card thumbnail, and you will see a list of any Wraps that have the card linked.

For instructions of how to remove a Linked Card from a Wrap, see the Delete Linked Card article.


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