Save a Wrap as a Template


Instead of creating a Wrap from scratch or from a generic template, sometimes starting with a Wrap you already created is what want to do. To make this easier for you, save commonly-used Wraps as templates for later use.


To save a Wrap as a template:

1. In the "WRAPS" tab, click "Edit" on the Wrap you want to save as a template.



2. Navigate to the "PROPERTIES" tab, and click "SAVE AS TEMPLATE".



3. Confirm your action by clicking "SAVE AS TEMPLATE".




Using your Template Wrap

1. All of the Wraps you save as templates live in the "My Templates" category in the "Templates" tab. Click on "My Templates" to see the Wraps available for you to use.




2. To create a new copy of a template Wrap, click "COPY". To edit a template Wrap, click "EDIT". To create a new Wrap from a Template Wrap, click "CREATE WRAP". To delete the Wrap from "My Templates", click the red X.


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