Unpublishing Wraps


Do you have a Wrap that is no longer live? Or perhaps you sent it through for an initial preview, but now want to make it not visible again? Wraps that are in a Published state have a live, sharable link that is automatically updated when changes to the underlying Wrap are made and published. This is sufficient in most cases, where minor changes are made to a Wrap that was previously distributed.  In cases where the Wrap author needs to take the Wrap link out of circulation, the Unpublish function can be used. This is helpful when a promotion ends, a product line changes, or other major changes require a Wrap to be retired permanently, or temporarily for a period to rework the Wrap. 



Here are the steps you'll need to take:

1. Open/Edit the specific Wrap you'd like to unpublish and navigate to the "Share" tab. Additionally, you can hover over the Wrap under the "Wraps" tab, and click "Share" 

2. You'll see a button to "UNPUBLISH" wrap.

NOTE: Your Wrap is now in a DRAFT state similar to the original state it was in before it was first published. The Wrap can no longer be shared, and any customers clicking on a previously shared link will get a "page not found" error.

Notice that a Wrap in the unpublished state will not have an Unpublish function on the Share tab. To re-publish this Wrap, simply click on the Publish button again.  The URL will not change no matter how many times you publish/unpublish the Wrap. If you have previously traffic'd your Wrap, you do not have to redistribute the link again (since its the same link.)  Insights are also maintained. No new Insights will be generated during an Unpublish period, but when the Wrap is republished, insights will once again be captured to the same Insights (insights will accumulate on the same Wrap no matter how many Publish/Unpublish actions happen.)

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