Card Details


The Card Details view shows you a preview of the card as well as useful information about it. It includes a list of Wraps that the card is linked to (in case of Linked Card), a change log of edits, and several organizational features like "Move" and "Copy".



Enter the Card Detail view by selecting the Details button on the card thumbnail in the Cards Tab (in Grid view you will see the option when you mouse over the card.) 


Once in the Card Detail view you will see the following screen:

Here is a summary of actions possible from this screen:

Copy Card ID: Copies the ID of the Card to your clipboard for future findability and use in API calls.

Move: Use to move the selected Card from its current Collection to a new Collection.

Copy: Duplicate the current card and leave the copy in the currently selected Collection.

Edit: Open Card Editor for making changes to card content.

Delete: Deletes the selected Card and removes it from the Collection.

Used in Wraps: If the selected card is a Linked Card, this lists any Wraps that it is linked into.

View Change Log: Shows a list of previous changes made to the selected card, along with change date and who made the change. 


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