Wrap Release - 08.16.16

Every once in a while a little house cleaning is warranted. For Wrap, that time came with our twelfth product release of 2016.


Similar to the ‘product hardening’ release we did back in February, we allocated much of our focus in this cycle to address bugs and make architectural improvements. This enabled us to solidify the Linked Cards & Collections capability we previewed last month while also hardening our platform end-to-end, and putting in place some architectural improvements that will benefit our customers well into the future. Of course, we did manage to squeeze in one nice, new feature as well.


Release Summary


Variable-sized Images


Variable-sized Images is integral to our rollout of a new Adaptive Cards capability. Adaptive Cards enable our system to produce high quality, well-formatted cards even when text or images are of unknown size at the time the Card was initially authored. This feature is foundational to the creation of auto-generated Wraps – for instance a Receipt Card where the receipt image comes from a commerce system, or a card that is auto-generated from website content that changes over time. Adaptive Cards also enable the creation of personalized Wraps where the content is based on data coming from a CRM, CMS, or DAM system. Specifically with this release, the Variable Image feature employs settable rules to govern the alignment and scaling of the image and the layout of the card overall.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 4.49.25 PM- product


Infrastructure and Product Hardening


We put concerted effort into end-to-end testing of our Collections and Linked Cards features to prepare for General Release of that capability in the September timeframe (let us know if you’d like early access to this feature now!) We also improved performance on our Category & Template browsing functions and rolled out platform upgrades to our development and built environments that will allow us to increase our release velocity in the future.


Stay tuned for significant new functionality coming in our early September release. We have planned an overhaul of our Profiles feature as well as the final touches on both Adaptive Cards and Linked Cards/Collections which will allow us to release both of those exciting feature sets to all customers.


Your Wrap Product Team

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