Collections & Linked Cards - Overview


Wraps are a series of Cards that are strung together to accomplish an objective. A Wrap is essentially a card-based experience. Cards themselves are entities that could belong inside one Wrap, linked into multiple Wraps, or used as stand-alone basis. Collections are simply groupings of cards, in your Cards Tab, for use in current and future Wraps. Card Collections are essentially card libraries. Collections and Linked Cards form the connective bridge between your Wrap library and your Card library. You can curate sets of cards into a Collection, then pull Cards from that Collection into a Wrap you are creating (or Link them into the Wrap so that they can continue to be centrally managed.)


How it all fits together

The Cards Tab houses cards in Collections. New cards can be created there easily. Cards from the collections in the cards tab can then be added to any Wrap.

When you click "DETAILS" on a card in the Cards Tab, you will see useful Card Details, and be able to carry out actions such as moving the card to a different collection, editing it, and editing the Wrap it is used in, and many more.

If you delete a linked card from the "Card Details" view, the delete card function lists the wraps from which the card will be removed and provides options for how to handle the removal via the Delete Linked Card Interrupt.

When you are editing a Wrap, right-click on a card thumbnail to either link or copy a card to a collection, using the Save Card to Collection flow.

When editing a linked card, the design view for a linked card and the content view for a linked card show inline messaging informing the user about other wraps linking to the card, providing access to the Card Details screen.

When saving changes to a linked card, the Save Linked Card Interrupt shows options for other wraps linking to the card, providing a choice of saving changes to those wraps or publishing the card in those wraps.

When publishing a wrap containing linked cards, the Publish Wrap Interrupt offers choices for handling other Wraps linking the cards.

Lastly, when you no longer need a Card Collection you can delete it using the Delete Card Collection function which will delete the collection (container) and move all of its contents (cards) to your Default Collection. 

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