Wrap Release - 07.22.16

We’ve just launched our next set of product features and are excited to share them with you. There are updates to our data collection forms, desktop redirect capability, and the first release of linked cards and collection.

Check out more information on these new capabilities below.

Improved swipe hints
Helps viewers understand they can swipe and improves customer engagement.


Desktop redirect URL
If you need to send viewers coming from a desktop to a different URL, this allows you to specify where they should be redirected to.  Contact your support@wrap.co, if you need this function enabled.

Updates for the Authoring Tool

Field reordering in configurable forms
It’s now drag-and-drop easy to ask your form questions in exactly your desired order.

Cards tab
Enables creation of card sets generated from external sources like a product database, CMS, or CRM system. These cards can then be quickly pulled into Wraps for campaigns and other targeted use cases. Provides foundation for Linked Cards (see below.)


Linked Cards & Collections
First, we introduced the Wrap construct (a card-based narrative).  We now also have the notion of stand-alone cards. With this release we add Linked Cards & Collections, providing the connective tissue between Cards and Wraps. Now an author can curate sets of cards into a Collection, then pull Cards from that Collection into a Wrap they are creating (or Link them into the Wrap so that they can continue to be centrally managed.)

Save Wrap as Template
People spend a lot of time customizing Wraps to get their brand fit and finish just right. This feature allows them to mark these Wraps as a template so that they can be shared across their team and used for future Wraps.

Databinding of Widgets and Components
All widgets are now able to participate in data-binding and personalization. For instance you can set a weather widget to your customers individual zip codes. 

Updates for Developers

Live authorization token from the Run in Postman Button
Developers will be instantly able to work with the API without needing to generate and setup their tokens (reducing friction)

API Updates
Adding endpoints for card deletion, card and wrap renaming, data updating and card level metadata. 

Javascript client library enhancements
Adding support for our new endpoints, adding better error messaging as well as conversion to a promise based system for long running processes. 

Release of the Widgets.sdk
Documentation around creating your own widgets to extend the capability of Wrap by creating your own custom components for your team.

With these updates, we’re aiming to make Wrap simpler to use by providing features you requested.

Give these features a try and let us know what you think.  We are listening.

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