Wrap Release - 06.09.16

This inaugural post is the first in a recurring series of updates that will accompany each product release. You can expect a similar post from a member of our product team roughly every three weeks. Open communication and two-way dialog is our goal. We want to provide an overview of the great stuff that is continuously being added to our application, along with a small glimpse of things to come.

The theme of our June 9th release focuses on the core wrap creation flow, making it easier for users to navigate the growing collection of wrap templates, card types, and components at your disposal when authoring functionally-rich Wraps. We’ve also included a few discrete feature enhancements – most notably an Insights Export and SAML 2.0 single sign on. We’ve been listening to your enhancement requests!

Here is a top-level summary of some of the new features included with this release:

  • Templates Tab:

Description: Extend the current templates tab to add new categories, subcategories and descriptions to help users the right template more quickly.

Benefit: Better discoverability & management of templates that serve as the starting point for Wrap creation.

  • New Add Cards Experience:

Description: Adds search and filter capabilities to the Add Cards flow

Benefit: Better discoverability & management of Cards that serve as the building blocks of Wraps.


  • New Add Components Experience:

Description: The previous “Add Components” modal was not designed to house large numbers of Components. This enhancement adds categorization, filtering, and search to the Add Components flow.

Benefit: Better discoverability & management of functional Components for use in building out Cards. Enables future growth of Component repository without sacrificing findability.

  • Insights Report Export:

Description: Ability for a user to “export to CSV” a report for any Wrap, from the Insights tab. Export contains daily breakdown of all information as well as a summary total.

Benefit: Enables Wrap user to compare multiple Wraps or import Wrap Insights into their reporting systems.

The above features are all now available for you to use. In addition to this work, we allocated a good portion of this release to building foundational capabilities that will be released over the next two months. This includes the launch of a new Marketer-centric user experience, additional solutions templates, and a host of ongoing improvements to the Designer UI that will increase power while also improving usability. Stay tuned for these (and more) exciting enhancements.

Thanks for your continued engagement in our rapidly evolving product platform!

Your Wrap Product team

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