Wrap Release - 05.17.16

We've got some exciting news to share with our most valued customers! Take a look at our newest features and updates:

  • Commerce Solution:

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of a service that will make it easier for retailers to sell from directly within a Wrap. The goal of of our commerce initiative is to make make it simple for our customers to enable a buy button across multiple platforms.

This initiative currently powered by Stripe Relay, and the feature must be enabled in your account—please contact your rep if interested. However, if you do not have a Stripe Relay account, you can just link to your product landing page.

With this new release, the Create Wrap by Template interface is now categorized into solution sets: Commerce, Digital Companion, Events, Landing Pages, Lead Generation, and Other. Now it will be easier to find the templates that matter to you and your customers!

New "Yelp Review,""Social Post," "Nearby Services," "Form," and "Poll" Components:

We've also released new Components to support the commerce initiative, including Yelp Review, Social Posts (embed Instagram, Facebook, Twitter posts into your Wrap), Nearby Services, Forms (we've now included more flow options to meet your needs, such as: Event RSVP, Event Registration, Make an Appointment, Contact, Sign up for a Card, Generic), and Poll (Customer Satisfaction Surveys).

Read here to learn more about the new commerce solution

Read here to learn how to enable your Stripe Relay account and add product cards to your Wrap


  • New Add Card interface:

We've updated our Add Card interface to allow you multiple options of adding a new card via My Wraps (existing Wraps you've already created), Templates, Standard Cards, and Website URL. The interface now allows you to preview each Card layout on screen without having to click preview. Select the specific Card you'd like added, and hit Create Card.


  • Custom Fonts:

You can now add custom fonts to your account using CSS! Please note, this is an Enterprise feature, and you must contact your rep to have this enabled.

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