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Wrap helps companies bring revenue in faster, and build customer loyalty by offering “Buy Now” capabilities within a Wrap. Through a partnership with Stripe, a platform that powers e-commerce sites, retailers and brands of all sizes can create mobile marketing campaigns that tell beautiful brand stories showcasing products they can instantly purchase.

Wrap offers an easy way for companies with a Stripe account using Stripe Relay to drive revenue by offering a beautiful brand experience optimized for mobile shoppers, that allows for secure single product purchases within a Wrap. This is easily completed by adding a new Product Commerce Card or Updating your Product Commerce Card. If you don’t have a Stripe Relay account, you could utilize your own product landing pages.

Additionally, we’ve launched a set of beautiful commerce templates that enable you to tell your brand story, showcase your products, spotlight flash deals, and highlight sales events. Outside of these solution sets, we allow deeper app-like functionality by allowing Social embed, Yelp reviews, Nearby Locations, Forms (Make an Appointment, Ask a Question, Event RSVP, Event Registration, Contact, etc) to fully deliver on customer experience while driving revenue for your brand.

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