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Today, we are excited to announce the launch of a service that will make it easier for retailers to sell from directly within a Wrap. The goal of of our commerce initiative is to make make it simple for our customers to enable a buy button across multiple platforms.

This initiative currently powered by Stripe Relay. However, if you do not have a Stripe Relay account, you can just link to your product landing page.
This recipe walks through the simple steps for enabling commerce for:


1. First, you'll need to contact your Sales rep to enable Stripe Relay into your account. NOTE: Only the administrator of the account will have access to Stripe Relay capabilities. Team members in your account will need to use the administrator account credentials to take advantage of this capability.

2. Once enabled, outside of the Authoring Platform you'll need to link your Stripe Relay account to under your Account Settings>Connect>Platform Settings and add the website to your connected applications. Click "DONE" when you are finished.

3. Now log into the Authoring platform. Go to Account Settings>Account Add Ons, and click "Link" to link your Stripe Relay account. A separate overlay will open authenticating your Stripe Relay account (you will need to log in with your Stripe Relay credentials to connect the account).

4. When your account is connected, your account will be successfully linked and show "LINKED."

5. You can now start adding Commerce Cards to your Wrap! Start by creating a Wrap from scratch or via a template. Add a new Card type called "Commerce Stripe Relay" (see below). You can also choose a Wrap from our list of beautiful templates which enable you to quickly reach your commerce goals.

 6. A new Card Properties overlay will open up to create your new commerce Card. Your list of items will pre-populate, where you can search by product ID or product name to filter out the search results. Select the desired item and click "Done."

7. Your new Card will appear for further customization. You can pick a layout from

the three options: Masked Image, Full Bleed Image, Fixed Header. Press "Select" when you are done.

8. You can now further customize the look and feel of your commerce Card by adding more Components (e.g. TextBox, Yelp Review, Social Share, Forms: Make an Appointment, Ask a Question, etc.) to your Cards. You can also add additional Product Cards to your Wrap for multiple product offerings.


Note: If you do not have a Stripe Relay account, you can still add Product Cards to your Wrap and link to your commerce sites via Link Components.


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