Adding Custom Vanity URLs via a Subdomain

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You're interested in a Custom Vanity URL.

NOTE: Because wraps are served via HTTPS, DNS Masking and other such approaches don't work (you can't create a DNS record of and just point it at our site).  One needs to utilize a reverse proxy or an agent which will accept the request via one DNS name and call out to our site with another DNS name to get the wrap, or there will be SSL and untrusted site issues. 

If you want to proceed with the reverse proxy route, first you'll need to contact one of our sales reps to get this enabled for your Enterprise account. Once you've properly enabled the "Manage Domains" feature in your account (please contact your sales rep prior to reading these instructions), you'll need to do the following:

1. Have your IT team set up the reverse proxy. Here are some instructions to hand off to your IT team.

2. Go to "Account Settings."

3. Go to the "Account Info" tab in the center.

4. Navigate to the "Domain" function at the bottom of the Account Info tab and click "Add a URL."

5. The "Manage Domain" overlay will pop up.

6. Enter your custom URL into the "Domain Name" text field.

7. The system will validate the URL and the Status will appear. Click "Done" when you are finished.

8. When you get the Wrap URL from Share, you will notice your domain will take place of "" and be replaced with your own. 



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