Wrap Release - 04.02.16

Happy Spring! 

The team has been working extremely hard to bring our customers some great new product feature enhancements for you!

Please see the following list of enhancements:

  • The Authoring tool has a brand new look and feel! We now have a tabbed UI where you can easily toggle between the Card Editor, Wrap Properties—where you go to edit Wrap Name, add search tags, add third party tags, add Adobe Typekit fonts, and turning off footer menu, and Share Covers tabs—where you go to grab your Wrap URL, customize your social posts, get embed code, and email instructions. For an updated Guided Tour that will walk you through the new user interface, you will see it upon first logging in. You can also navigate to Help>Quick Tour in the tool.


  • We have released our first version of a search Wraps feature under "My Wraps." You can search by keyword or tag (specified under Card properties), and view by list or grid format.


  • You can now free-scroll without 910 height increments! This means you can specify any pixel height for the Scrolling Card type.


  • You can now specify the font size and line height you would like by clicking on the text field and editing the numerical value directly.


  • You can now add your own forms (if supported) embedded within your Wrap as a hotspot which opens to an overlay. This is called the IFrame Component!


  • You can now select which layout you would like when you add a new Card to your Wrap. To switch layouts, we have a new "Edit Layout" button that takes you straight to the layouts dialog. These layouts will no longer be in the center of the Authoring tool.


  • Adobe Type Kit integration: If you have your own account/license with Adobe Type Kit, you can quickly add all of your fonts directly in the Authoring tool.
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