How can I add UTM parameters to my hyperlink?

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UTM parameters are a line of code that you can attach to a custom URL in order to track a Source, Medium, and/or Campaign Name. This enables Google Analytics to let you know where your searchers came from and what campaign directed them to your Wrap, or any hyperlink within your Wrap.

They are very valuable for tracking different Source/Medium if you plan on distributing your Wrap across multiple channels and want to track each Wrap with the same URL separately to measure performance across channels (e.g. Email, Facebook, Twitter, Homepage). Conversely, you could just duplicate your Wrap to track your insights in separate instances if you prefer.

Example #1:

Example #2:


Additionally, if you have two or more versions of a Wrap and would like to track all the CTAs from each Wrap that are the same in both or more Wraps, each URL will need to have different UTM parameters so you know which Wrap drove what traffic for what URL.

To do that, fill out Google's URL builder here:

If you do not need one of the required fields for Campaign Source, Campaign Medium, or Campaign Name, you could swap one of those titles for "Wrap Card" and have the parameters equal the Card # so you can easily identify where in the Wrap they clicked through (e.g. Card 1 vs Card 10). 


You'll need to enter the latter example in the Link Component field within your Wrap in the Authoring tool. The former example with the Wrap URL is used where ever you are distributing your Wrap.

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