IFrame Component

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Have your own lead gen form that you want embedded/IFramed in a Card?

To add a webpage as an iframe to your Wrap, you must add an IFrame Component to the specific Card.

1. Click "Add Component +" in the Card Editor tab.


2. When the "Add Component" dialog open, select "IFrame" and click the "Add Component" button.


3. Next, in the preview pane, drag the hotspot where you would like the link to be active.

4. Next, paste the URL of the webpage/form into the IFrame Component text field. You can also preview the IFrame by clicking "Preview IFrame."

NOTE: The URL must be a secure https page or you will receive an error.


5. Save or Publish your Wrap! You will see the embedded/iframed page when you preview the Wrap. It will open in a separate modal.

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