How do I add Adobe Typekit fonts?

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Do you use Adobe Typekit to manage fonts? If so, you can enact your font kits for use when creating Wraps in our Authoring tool. First, arrange your fonts into a Typekit in Adobe, then follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Wrap Properties page by selecting the center tab in the tool.

2. Click on the Advanced tab on the left. Enter the Adobe Typekit ID or IDs (multiple IDs should be separated by commas) that you would like to use per Wrap you are editing. NOTE: You must add Adobe Typekits per individual Wrap. 

3. The new settings are automatically saved. All the associated fonts you've added should appear in the font toolbar in the preview pane.

4. NOTE: You must have the domain configured in Adobe Typekit in order for the fonts to be used on our platform.

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