How can I add 1x1 tracking pixels to a Wrap?

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We've added a new feature that allows you to add 1x1 tracking pixels to your Wrap(s). Below is a list of what we currently support in regards to 3rd party tracking:

1. 3rd party impression URL: The pixel will fire every time the Wrap is initially loaded.

2. 3rd party event tracking URL: Create a URL that can accept parameter data, we will fire this every time an "event" in the Wrap occurs. The parameter data in the URL will supply the given event that fired. For example, if you provide a URL of:;seg;v17&cval=wrap-cbsi;%%EVENT%%[value]=0.00&cd[currency]=USD&noscript=1&wrapevent=%%EVENT%%

This URL will fire every time an event occurs in any Wrap session. The %%EVENT%% macro will be replaced with:

page[#] - for cardviews (e.g. a view of a specific card in a Wrap)
page[#]_item[#] - for gallery swipes (e.g. a swipe up or down to a specific item in a gallery)
page[#]_link_click - for link clicks
page[#]_video_Play - for video plays
page[#]_video_End - for videos that reach the end
fb_share - for clicks on facebook share
tweet - for clicks on tweet
To add either of these, simply follow these steps:
1) Click on the "Wrap Properties" tab in the center of the tool.
2) Click on "Advanced" on the left to get to the Advanced Settings.
3) In the "Tracking Options" section you will be prompted to add tracking to your Wrap.
4) Simply add the 3rd party impression URL and/or 3rd party event tracking URL in the text fields, and the tool will automatically save your changes. No additional saving is necessary.
3. Arbitrary HTML markup: We now support putting any arbitrary HTML markup into the template, which can include script tags that can execute third-party tracking scripts, or be additional image tags, etc.
Note: We are currently adding custom HTML markup as needed so we can ensure that the code inserted is not malicious. Thank you for your understanding. This is only available for Enterprise plan types.
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