Disabling 'Save for Later & Library" footer on your Wraps

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The Save for Later & Context Menu is the collapsed menu that appears on the bottom of every Wrap. This footer allows you to go back to the first Card, share the Wrap, or save it to your Library.



1. To turn off this feature, go into "Edit" mode of your Wrap.

2. Navigate to the Properties tab.

3. Click on the "Advanced" settings tab.


4. The Library Options (Footer Menu) options appear, and you will toggle off next to "Save for Later & Context Menu."


5. The Library Options will be turned off. Click "Publish" to save your new Wrap Properties.


6. If you go back to your Wrap on your mobile device or desktop, you will see the footer is no longer there.

7. You can always go back to these settings to turn the footer menu on and off.


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