Wrap Release - 01.13.16

Happy New Year to all our customers! We're going full steam ahead and working on important product features for 2016. If you have a product suggestion, please submit your requests in the Help link at the top of the authoring tool.

We are excited to announce the following product enhancements:

  • UNDO / REDO buttons

Thank you to everyone who provided product feedback! You now have the ability to undo or redo on actions within any specific Card in your Wrap. This should allow authoring and editing more easily if without having to Save or Publish your Wraps. 

  • Right Click Menu

We now have the ability to right-click on several areas within the wrap (each component layer and in the preview panel area), where a menu will appear and you will be provided quick nav options to perform specific tasks.

  • Categorization of Templates

Our templates are now organized into categories to help you easily find what you need.

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