Setting up your Profile

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Profiles enable you to create your own presence on With profiles, anyone viewing any one of your Wraps can navigate to your profile page where they can see the whole collection of Wraps you have published to the platform.

To set up your profile:

1. Go to "Account Settings" on the right-hand side upon logging in.

2. Navigate to the "Account Info" tab. You can edit your name if needed. You can also edit your picture 

3. Navigate to the "Edit" button under "Profile."

4. The Edit overlay will appear. Here you can upload/update your cover photo, enter a description for your profile. When you are done, toggle the "On" under Published, then click the "Done" button.

5. The last step to turn on your profile is to toggle "On" under "Profile." From here, your profile is public to your end users!

To go see your profile, upon logging in, simply navigate to "Open Profile."

6. To add published Wraps to your profile, there are two ways you can do that. The easiest way is to go under "My Wraps" and hover over the Wrap you want to add to your profile and press "Share." Then simply toggle "On." 


7. Another easy way to add a published Wrap to you profile is once you publish a Wrap, your confirmation dialog will give you the option to add the Wrap under your profile. You will need to check the box to "include this wrap on my profile page."

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