Group Collaboration - Adding team members

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Group Collaboration lets multiple people work collaboratively on projects, to share assets and create Wraps together.

Deep organization and team structures allow many groups to work at scale.

To add a member or members to your team:

1. Upon signing in on the right hand side, navigate to "Account Settings."

2. Click the "Account Info" tab to manage your team.

3. Under teams, click the "Manage" button.

4. In the form field, add the email address of the user you'd like to add to your team. Then in the drop-down list, choose the role of the user you'd like to add. Lastly, click the green "Invite" button on the right side.

Admin: Has rights to add team members, change settings, etc.

Author: Has rights to create/edit/delete Wraps

Reviewer: Has viewing rights only to your team's Wraps

Reporter: Has no viewing or editing rights to your team's Wraps, only has access to Reporting interface to obtain usage statistics


5. Repeat step #4 until you've added all the team members. The user(s) will then receive an invitation to join your team. They will appear as "Pending" until they accept the invitation. 

6. You can come back to team settings if you'd like to change the role or permissions of each team member. Just find them under your team, select the drop-down menu and press the "Done" button.



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