Wrap Release - 11.05.15

Thank you so much to everyone who has tried our product since our initial release! Since then, we've been listening to your feedback and making improvements to our Wrap Authoring platform.

We're excited to announce a few key product enhancements:

  • Scrolling Cards

Scrolling Cards are our newest Card type that allows you to design a vertical card at any height dimension specified. With our free-scrolling feature, your end users will have a seamless experience swiping up and down through the content.

  • Profiles

Profiles enable you to create your own presence on wrap.co. With profiles, anyone viewing any one of your Wraps can navigate to your profile page where they can see the whole collection of Wraps you have published to the platform.

  • More Easily Upload Images

We make it easier for you to upload images to use within a Wrap.

We have also fixed the following bugs to make your experience smoother:

  • You can now delete any repeating component from a Gallery Card
  • You can now immediately publish a Wrap after saving a web flow form or editing covers
  • We fixed a number of bugs related to Insights
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