Group Collaboration - Accepting a team invite

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Group Collaboration lets multiple people work collaboratively on projects, to share assets and create Wraps together.

Deep organization and team structures allow many groups to work at scale.

If you have received an invitation to a team:

1. Upon signing into the Authoring tool, a pop-up will prompt you to accept or reject the invitation. Please click the "Accept" button.

2. Upon accepting, another tip overlay will appear which tells you how to switch between accounts/teams. You can view that team immediately by clicking the "Switch" button. You can also press the "Close" button to exit out of the overlay and return to the tool.

3. If you closed out, you can click the drop-down menu and choose your account manually. This view also shows you what type of membership you have in each team account.

Admin: Has rights to add team members, change settings, etc.

Author: Has rights to create/edit/delete Wraps

Reviewer: Has viewing rights only to your team's Wraps

Reporter: Has no viewing or editing rights to your team's Wraps, only has access to Reporting interface to obtain usage statistics


4. You can also check your Account Settings to see what memberships you have under "Account Summary."




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