Library overview

Plan Availability:
  • Personal
  • Small Biz
  • Enterprise

Wrap's Library is a way for your end users to save a Wrap for later. There are many valuable reasons why we provide this option:

  • Perhaps a user cannot view the wrap now, and would like to look later or share later
  • Perhaps a user sees a coupon in the Wrap, and would like to save it for later
  • Perhaps a user would like to follow updates on a particular Wrap that may have its content changed (e.g. Conference Agenda, etc)

A viewer can save the Wrap to their library or collection for viewing and reviewing at another time. A user can save Wraps on their device without a login by clicking "Save for Later," or by logging in with your Wrap credentials and "Save to Collection." The latter method is a more permanent way to go back to the Wrap in the future.


The viewer can also access their library via mobile, tablet, or desktop browser, where their saved Wraps are stored. All they need to do is click the "Go to Library" icon in the bottom right hand corner of the Wrap, or create a username and password at site. If an end user decides not to sign up, they will still see what Wraps they've saved by going to using the same device. This is possible through the enabling of cookies on each personal device.

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