How do I add a link to my Wrap?

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To add a link to your Wrap, you must add a Link Component to the specific Card.

1. Click "Add Component +" in the Card Content area.

2. When the "Add Component" dialog open, select "Link" and click the "Add Component" button.

3. Next, in the preview pane, drag the hotspot where you would like the link to be active.

4. Next, program your link in the "Link Component" text field. Note the dropdown list of link options available: URL, Phone Number, Email, SMS, and Page # within Wrap. Our URL validator will notify you if the link is broken with a red warning. You can also preview the link by clicking "Preview Link."

5. Note: As you toggle between link options, the correct code will pre-populate for you in the text field. 




NOTE: For "Page # within Wrap" option above, you can link to a horizontal Card (#6) or a vertical Gallery Card (e.g. #7-2). Note: Vertical deep linking doe not work on Scrolling Cards.

6. Don't forget to Save and Publish to see your changes!

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