Setting up a form to capture user data or info

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1. To create a Card that captures form information, click the "New Card" button. Then, navigate to "Card Types" and select the sub-category "Contact" to receive form card templates to choose from.

2. Alternatively, you can add a form to an existing Card you've already created by adding a new Component. Under the "Contact" category, you'll see the Form Component. Add to your Card.



3. Whether you've added the form through Step #1 or #2, you'll now see a "Form" Component in the Component bar. Press the "Configure Form" button.

4. From here, you can select the type of form you want to add to your Wrap. You can choose one of the generic options we have to start: Sign up for a Card, Generic Form, Contact Form, Make An Appointment, Ask A Question, Event RSVP, or Event Registration. NOTE: Don't worry, you'll be able to customize the fields later.

Configure the form by giving it a memorable title and entering a recipient email address. This will be the email the results are sent to when a user submits the form. You can check to see what the recipient will see by sending a test email.

NOTE: You must enter something in the "Email (Send To)" field! Failure to do so will cause an error on the form for your end-users and the lead generation does not get sent to anyone.


4. Configure each page in the flow by clicking on the "Configure" button.

5. To back up in the process, click the back arrow in the top left corner. Do not click the "Cancel" button to back up as this will close the window and any changes will be lost. You can assign a header image (ex. a company logo) to the top of the form by clicking on the "Edit Image" button.

7. You can edit the header text of the form in the text field, or click the edit icon to edit the field names. When you are done press "Save."

NOTE: When the edit form field overlay appears, you can also "Delete Field" by clicking the "X" at the bottom.


8. Go back to "Configure Form" and Edit the confirmation email a user will see when they have submitted a form, or add a branded logo, and click the "Save" button when you are done which will close the overlay.


9. Preview your wrap on mobile device and ensure that you are receiving the submitted leads!

Additionally, we now have the option of capturing leads in Google Docs with our Google Doc connector. First, click the blue "CONNECT" button under Google Drive per below in the form configuration area:

10. Authenticate your Google account by logging in and authorizing.

11. You'll then be prompted to enter a form name to create a google document in your account. Hit Save.


12. Responses will now begin appearing in your Google Docs.

Note: Deleting the Google Drive Connection will unlink the responses.



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