Wrap Authoring Early Access Release - 09.15.15

We are thrilled to announce we just released the first version of our product (https://wrap.co/) today, 9/15/15. 

Our initial platform release includes the following four platforms that make up the Wrap product. First and foremost, you can now start creating your own Wraps!

  • Our Wrap Viewer platform allows you to:
    • Consume Wraps
    • Share Wraps
  • Our Wrap Authoring platform allows you to:
    • Create Wraps
    • Arrange Wraps
    • Distribute & Publish Wraps
    • Manage Wrap Permissions
    • Create from Wrap Templates
  • Our Wrap Reporting platform, known as "Insights," allows you to:
    • View Usage Metrics
    • View and optimize engagement and conversion statistics
    • Integrate with 3rd party reporting systems and trackers
  • Our Wrap Library platform allows you to:
    • Save Wraps
    • Organize Wraps
    • Discover Wraps
    • View Brand Profiles


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