What is the Wrap Viewer?

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A Wrap can be viewed anywhere with a web browser — on desktop, tablet, mobile, and beyond. The Wrap viewer is the web-based environment in which that a person consumes a Wrap. Adding to its versatility, the Wrap user interface allows for both mouse and touch input. Each viewer preserves the integrity of each Wrap Card.

On desktop, without the affordance for touch input, controls to left and right of the Wrap allow the viewer to toggle between Cards. You can also use the left and right arrow controls on your keyboard to advance through the Wrap. On a touch enabled device, these arrow controls do not appear and the user can swipe to go between Cards.


There is a indicator at the foot of the Wrap to let the viewer know how far along they are in the Wrap, similar to a pagination indicator.


There are some slight differences in the placement of the menu (aka the Viewer Menu). On mobile and tablet (in portrait orientation), the menu appears at the footer of the Wrap. On desktop and tablet (in landscape orientation) it will be to the right of the Wrap.

The Viewer Menu collapsed on desktop and tablet (landscape):


Once the menu is clicked and expanded, the menu allows a viewer to do a number of things. First and foremost, a viewer can share a Wrap via email, URL (copy and paste), SMS, or to their social network of choice, allowing the Wrap to achieve a large amount of amplification and audience reach.


Secondly, the viewer can save the Wrap to their library or collection for viewing and reviewing at another time. You can save Wraps on your device without a log in by clicking "Save for Later," or by logging in with your Wrap credentials and "Save to Collection." The latter method is a more permanent way to go back to the Wrap in the future.


Finally, there are some controls in the bottom of the menu tray. Once a viewer has swiped beyond the first Card, a button allows the user to go back to the very beginning. If they are viewing the first card, or cover of the Wrap, then this control is disabled (as shown).


The viewer can also access their library, where their saved Wraps are stored.

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