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Cards from other Wraps

If you have Cards from existing Wraps you have created or one of our templates, you can import a Card from one of those Wraps to use in your current Wrap. Click the "New Card" button and then select "My Wraps" or "Templates" on the left menu and select a Card you would like to copy.

URL generated Cards

Enter any Web URL or link to a product item and Wrap will try to create a Card using the information pulled from that page. Currently in beta, this feature supports Open Graph and tags found on Web pages, with more support coming soon.

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 Imagery Cards

These Cards rely heavily on an image or photo for their composition but can also have text Components.

See article on How to add images to your Wraps


Textual Cards

These Cards are primarily text only and can include titles, copy, quotes, or chapter headings. You may also add other Components such as imagery or buttons.

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Scrolling Cards

A tall card that scrolls content vertically that can be augmented with text, button, or other Components.


Product and Image Gallery Cards

Multi-page vertically scrolling galleries of images or products that can be augmented with text, button, or other Components. Product galleries can be linked to Web pages.

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Document Cards

These Cards link to a PDF allowing the viewer to preview, download, or print the document.


Location Cards

Lets you share a Google map location and address, hours of operation, and other information.


Video Cards

Lets you create a video Card featuring a YouTube video.


 Scrolling Cards

Create a long vertical page where you can specify the height of the Card in pixels or 910 increments.


Web Form (Make an Appointment / Ask a Question) Cards

Allows your visitor to set up an appointment via web form or email a question to an email address of your choosing. Visitors will receive a confirmation message to know they successfully submitted the form.

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End of Wrap Cards

A sort of “bookend” to your Wrap that allows you to specify an author and let visitors Share, Like, and Tweet the Wrap.


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