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1. To style a Component, first select the Component you want to style in the Components section of the Card Content area.


2. There are two ways you can affect a Component: configuring and styling. You configure content attributes within the Components section. These affect the Component regardless of the layout you have selected for the Card.

In this example, any attributes for the Location Component named "Find Us" will be affected across all layouts.


3. You style content attributes within the Card Preview area. These do not cascade across all layouts for that Card, only the Card layout you currently have selected.

To style Components at this level, click on the Component within the Card you want to style and change its attributes in the Properties Styling Toolbar which is the black menu that appears below the Card.



4. To move Components around the Card, click on the Component then hover on the dotted green bounding box. Your arrow cursor will change to a move cursor. Click + hold to drag the Component anywhere on the Card.


5. To resize Components on the Card, click on the Component then hover on one of the circular handles. Your arrow cursor will change to a directional cursor. Click + hold to drag the handle to resize the Component.


6. Textbox Components are somewhat unique in that they allow for more granular configuring of content. However the model of 'configure and style' remains the same.

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