Styling Cards

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By default, Cards are transparent. For any area on the Card that is not covered by content, viewers can see through to the next Card.

Designers can use this to create interesting effects. For example, it is possible to create a transparent or semi-transparent overlay that modifies or enhances the content on the succeeding page. 

It is possible to change the Card's background color and transparency level. The color can be set to either a solid color or to a gradient value. 

To change a Card's background color, follow the steps outlined below.


1. Click on a Card within the Card list that you want to style.


2. By default, the first Component will be selected for styling so you will need to click outside of the Card within the preview area to deselect the Component in order to style the Card itself.


3. With no Components selected, you will see the Background Color attribute for the Card at the footer of the Card Preview area which you can style.


4. Toggle between Color and Gradient to choose the background color type and set the transparency value. When you are done, click "OK."


To style layouts and / or style individual Components within a Card, see:

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