Generating Cards from a Web page URL

Plan Availability:
  • Personal
  • Small Biz
  • Enterprise

1. To generate a Card from a Web page URL, click the "New Card" button to the left of the Card List area. This will spawn the Add New Card overlay.


2. Click the "Enter URL" button
at the top of the overlay to switch to the Generate a Card from URL view of the overlay.


3. Enter the full Web URL of a Web page in the form field
to create to a Card.



Wrap will try to associate data from the Web page to build a Card. If successful, a green checkmark to the right of the URL will appear. Note that although we are adding support for more pages over time, not all Web pages are supported today and will generate an error.


5. Click the "Create" button
at the bottom of the overlay. The overlay will close and your new Card will appear in the Card List.


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