Do images get resized when I upload them to Wrap?

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1. No. Images are not resized and will maintain their dimensions and file size when you upload them. However, the image is often scaled down within the Preview area in Wrap Authoring when you are designing a Card.

2. In a published Wrap, an image will be visually scaled to the closest appropriate size to accommodate the viewer's device (e.g. desktop, tablet, mobile), but the uploaded image is not resampled or resized. 

3. The higher the resolution you upload an image, the larger the Wrap file size will be and may result in slower load times. However, the quality of the image is less likely to suffer at larger display sizes.

4. Conversely, the lower the resolution you upload an image the smaller the file size will be along with a faster load time. However, smaller images have a greater likelihood of appearing shattered on larger displays.

5. Keep in mind that in many cases the resolution of an iPhone or iPad will be far greater than that of a desktop or laptop. Images that look great on your computer could display poorly on high resolution devices. If possible, test your Wrap on different device displays to ensure best results.

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