Creating, Adding, Editing, Deleting, Reordering Gallery Cards

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Gallery Cards are Cards that vertically scroll. Currently, Wrap supports two kinds of Gallery Card types: Product Gallery and Image Gallery. They act functionally the same way, with the only difference being the presentation of individual layouts in each Card type. Product Gallery Cards focus on the presentation of a product, while Image Gallery Cards focus more on imagery.

1. To create a Gallery Card, click on the New Card button and select either a Product Gallery or an Image Gallery. 

Notice that some new elements appear in the Preview area for a Gallery Card:

The "Gallery Items" area within the Preview area lets you configure Gallery Cards.

A Gallery Card consists of one or more Gallery items. Each Gallery item represents one Card's worth of information. When you first create a new Gallery Card, by default it will come with three Gallery items. You can add or remove Gallery items, you can reorder the sequence of Gallery items, and you can change the vertical scrolling behavior of the Card.

2. You can create some interesting presentations with Gallery items, such as a persistent overlay or unique content.

Overlays are "sticky" - they are visible regardless of the individual Gallery item the user is browsing. For instance, a logo at the top / button at the bottom that viewers will always see as they scroll up or down.

You can also configure Gallery items to have item-specific content. An example could be a "Read More" link that appears at the bottom of a block of text content, which would only be seen when scrolling to Gallery item #3, for instance.

See it in action!

Component bound to a Card (Unique Component)
Component bound to a Gallery item (Persistent Component)

You can also read more about creating these effects in our article on Adding Components to Galleries.

3. To view the Gallery items in your Card, click on the numbers in the Gallery item selector that correspond to the sequence of Cards in your list. When you click on an item, that item's Card information will appear in the Preview area. 

Note: If you want to preview the actual appearance of the Gallery Card in a Wrap, click on "Preview" at the top of the screen, to the left of the "Close" and "Publish" buttons.

4. To add a Gallery item, click on "+" above New Item. 

5. To delete a Gallery item, click on the "X" that appears at the top-right edge of the Card (in the Preview area). 

6. To duplicate the current Gallery item, click on the down-arrow above the "+" button, and select "Duplicate Item."

7. To reorder the Gallery items in the Card, select the item to reorder. Click on the up-arrow and down-arrow buttons to the right of the Gallery item selector. The selected Gallery item will move up or down in the ordered list, as indicated by the highlighted item moving up or down in sequence.

8. To change the Gallery Card's scrolling behavior, switch the toggle above the text "Scroll type". The selection toggles between snap-to-item and free-scrolling. You can see the effect of the change by looking at the Card in the Preview area -- the scrolling indicator (on the right-edge of the Card, in center) will toggle between an item-based indicator and a free-scroll indicator.

NOTE: When you select a new layout in the Card Layout selector, the new layout applies to ALL the Gallery items in a Gallery Card. At the moment, you cannot choose different layouts for each Gallery item in a Gallery Card.

See related article on Can I change the layout of each item in a Gallery Card?

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