Selecting Card layouts

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1. Once you create a specific Card type (such as Imagery, Textual, or Document) in the add Card dialog, you will be able to select a layout to use with that Card. First select the "Layout" button after the Component is added.


2. A "Layout" dialog will appear. Select the desired layout and press "Select."

3. Note that as you move from one layout to the next, you will see that different layouts have different Components (as shown in the Component toolbar). However, Components which are used across multiple layouts will show the same content when viewed in each layout.

For example, if your selected layout has a "Headline" Component with text saying "Top Ten Destinations," then this same content will appear across any layout that also has a "Headline" Component. 

By browsing across layouts in this way, you can see different presentations of your content as they would appear across different layouts. 

4. Once you select a layout, you are free to add and modify Components. You can then switch layouts and go back, without losing any of your work.

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