Creating new Cards - Inside a Wrap

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This article covers the creation of new cards from within a Wrap. For creating cards in your Cards Tab (ie card library), see the "Creating new Cards - Cards Tab" article

1. To create a new Card, click on the "+" button to the left of the Card List area.

2. The "Add New Card" overlay appears. On this screen, provide a unique Card name. 

Next, choose how to create your Card. There are several choices to copy from:

  • Create blank card: Creates a blank card to work from scratch with.
  • My Cards: If you have custom Cards you have created, you can import a Card from your collection to use in your current Wrap.
  • My Wraps: If you have Cards from existing Wraps you have created, you can import a Card from one of those Wraps to use in your current Wrap.
  • Templates: You can choose a Card or Cards from our existing set of templates. Our templates are categorized by all or solution set: Commerce, Digital Companion, Events, Landing Pages, Lead Generation, and Other.
  • Website URL: This feature lets you dynamically create a Card from an existing Web page URL on the Internet. 

3. Your new Card will appear in the Card list. You can begin editing this new Card.

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