Arranging and layering Components

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1. Components are arranged on a Card based on the order they appear in the Component toolbar. The back-to-front order of Components is based on ordering from left to right in the toolbar. For example, in the picture below, the "Body" Component is placed farthest back on the Card, while "Image" is placed in front. 

When selecting Components in the Preview area, Components that are farthest back may be hidden by Components that are farther in front. This ordering may also influence the way users view a Card.

2. To change Component order on a Card, select the desired Component to reorder in the Component toolbar. "<" and ">" brackets will appear on each edge of the Component selection. Click "<" to move the Component back (or to the left) in the ordered list, or click ">" to move the Component forward (or to the right) in the ordered list.

3. You can also change Component order on a Card by right clicking the Component and you will see a menu appear where you can Bring Forward, Bring to Front, Move Backward, or Send to Back.


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