Adding Components

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1. You can add content such as text or images to a Card, by selecting "Add Component" to the left of the Component area:


2. This action brings up the "Add Component" dialog:

3. In the "Add Component" dialog, enter a unique name for the new Component. The name must be different from all the other Components on the Card. The system will suggest a unique name for you.

4. Next, select the type of Component you want to add. You can choose from:

  • Image: an image asset
  • TextBox: styled text (can create custom buttons this way by adding a background to the text box)
  • Link: a hotspot that, when clicked, opens a specified Web page in a new browser tab. This can also open an email address, phone number, or a Card within a Wrap.
  • YouTube: a YouTube video
  • Button: A visual representation of a button
  • Document: a Component that lets users view and download a PDF file
  • Location: a Component that opens up a Google Maps presentation of an address (such as a store or landmark; can only use one address)
  • Share: a set of share icons that allow users to share the Wrap
  • iFrame: add your own form to your Wrap via a secure site (https)
  • Overlay: adds an overlay on top of your image or text
  • Add To Calendar: a hotspot that, when clicked, creates an event to the user's calendar
  • Audio Player: place an audio mp3 or wav URL into your Wrap


5. After clicking on "Add Component" the new Component will be added to the Component toolbar. A default presentation of the Component will also appear on the Card in the Preview area.

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