How do I add images to my Wrap?

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1. To add images to a Wrap, select any Card that contains an image Component. (For example, you can add a new Imagery Card, or select any Card that shows an image.)

2. In the Component Selector, click on any Component that represents an image. The image Component content bin will appear.

In the example above, the Component named "Image" in the Component Selector represents an image Component.

The image Component content bin shows the list of images that have been mapped to the current Card. The currently selected image is highlighted in orange (in the example above, it is 02-image.jpg). Click on any other image in this area to replace the image. Your updates should appear directly on the Card in the Preview area.

3. To add images to this list, click on "Add Images." The Add Images dialog will appear.


This dialog shows two sets of images:

  • Images for this Wrap: this list shows all the images you have previously uploaded when creating the current Wrap
  • All Images: this list shows all the images you have previously uploaded when creating any Wrap 

4. To add more images, either drag one or more images directly to the dialog box, or click on the "browse" link to add images from a File menu. 

5. From the Add Images dialog, select one or more images to add to the Card by clicking on each image you would like to add. Then click "Add".


6. After you click "Add", the system adds the selected images to the image Component content bin. From there, select the image you would like to map to the selected image Component. 


Note: To add multiple images for future use: it may be more convenient to add all of your images for a whole Wrap at one time. To do so, simply add all the images you would like to use in one operation. You can then load these images on other Cards by viewing the "Images for this Wrap" or "All Images" lists when adding images for other image Components.

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